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If you suffer from ADD / ADHD problems and are looking for help in Florida Dr. Randy Hansbrough, DC is the one you can trust. Dr. Randy Hansbrough, DC, DACAN, FIACN helps children and adults who suffer with chronic and difficult ADD / ADHD conditions. Dr. Hansbrough is a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist and Functional Medicine specialist. Dr. Hansbrough has been trained under the guidance of the National Commission for Certifying Agencies, and is also member of the Pastoral Medical Association.

Visit his website (listed above) for more info about how he works with his patients for ADD / ADHD help or contact his office today by calling (772) 287-7701. Dr. Hansbrough’s clinic is located in Stuart, Florida. He works with patients in: Stuart, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Vero Beach and all around Florida.

Dr. Randy Hansbrough, DC, DACAN, FIACN is licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association at to provide leading edge natural health solutions to qualifying individuals. This information is directed to the person interested in receiving such natural services and these services should not be confused with conventional services we may provide under state license.

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