What is a Joint Venture (JV) in regards to Real Estate Wholesaling

http://houseflippingguide.com – So what is a joint venture? A joint​ venture or jv is when another Wholesaler splits his or her assignment fee with you at completion of your real estate deal you 2 have with one another


1.You contact a Wholesaler from Craigslist.

2.They have a contract on a property for 43k.

3. They would like to sell the property for 50k

4. Ask them if they would be interested in (JV) joint venture the deal in other words, splitting the deal with you if you bring a buyer to buy that deal

5. You 2 agree to a 50/50 split

50k – 43k = 7k Wholesale fee = 3500each

5. So. You find a buyer that will buy that deal for 50k.

At closing you will each receive a check for 3500 each Tools for Beginning Real Estate Investors

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