Understanding Keyword Research for Real Estate

Today we’re going to talk about something that helps us drive our business and drives millions of business across the web: SEO. And all SEO is, is Search Engine Optimization. The idea of making sure that the content that you create, share, and engage with online is set up so that it can be discovered. There are a lot of tips & tricks on how to do it. What we’re gonna focus on today is how to write a blog post and optimize it for keywords that might be useful for your market. [http://plcstr.com/19QVW7J]

Real Estate Marketing Made Easy Search:

What’s interesting here – and why this is so important – is that the article shown here is optimized for this search term. It’s in the title, descriptor, and the keyword is “real estate marketing”. It’s got Google Authorship, too, so it shows my bio.

It’s possible that, because I’m logged into Google, my search influences may already be influenced. What you want to do when you’re testing whether something is showing up correctly is test on someone else’s computer or account or go into Google’s Incognito mode.

What we understand is that Google is not cookie-ing you when you’re in Incognito mode. I have read studies that Google still understands what IP (Internet Protocol) the computer is coming from and the device ID, so that means that they can probably tell that it’s going to serve at least geolocation information when you search.

So, let’s search – and it shows up here. This is crucial, because if you look at the ads right here in pink, you see that I’m competing against folks who are paying to show up for that ad search. For “Real Estate Marketing Made Easy,” someone is actually paying for ads on that search.

I’m competing against Amazon, someone’s eBook, and even someone who has the site with a direct match domain (realestatemarketingmadeeasy.com). But, just by creating a piece of content, I’ve been able to outrank them.

What that shows you is that by consistently creating content, you’re able to show up within search and be on the first page without – I don’t want to say it’s not a lot of work, because it is – but I don’t have to do anything once I write this post. It’s earning its keep for me, I think, for years to come.

So let’s look at this post.

Real Estate Marketing Made Easy Post:

So the first thing we want to look at is the title. For us, we wanted to optimize this post for real estate marketing. I added “made easy” because something the shorter phrases are much more difficult to compete on, because there are lots more people trying to compete on them. When you lengthen a phrase, there will be fewer searches, but it will be simpler for you to compete and actually rank higher for those searches.

So, the first thing that I did after I wrote the post was make sure that I used my “focus keywords” in a few different areas.

When we scroll down to the problem to a tool that we use which is WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast. This will show what the snippet is going to look like via search, which includes the SEO Title, the URL, and the meta description.

The meta description is a mini-call-to-action. So you look at the title and think “Hey, that might be interesting,” and then you read the meta description. The other part that’s really crucial is Google Authorship, so that you see an image that shows up. Folks are more likely to click on text with an image as opposed to text without an image.

So the thing to do first is to write the post. Try and create the best content that you can create, because really it’s about creating something valuable – then it’s about getting attention for that thing.

Then, I think “What is someone going to be searching for to discover this post? And if they search those terms, are they going to be upset when they get the post and bounce, or are they going to feel like they got the answer that they were looking for?”

I felt the safe bet for this post was real estate marketing, then the additional was SEO and Keyword Research, so I put that as my focus keyword.

Then, I used it in the header, the “h1” or first headline, and throughout the post. I don’t stuff the article with keywords, but I use it where it’s appropriate. It has to be a part of the story.

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