Understanding Hard Money Lenders: Hard Money Loans for Real Estate Investors

Hard Money Lenders: Hard Money Loans for Real Estate Investors. When you purchase a house to fix and flip what many investors often do is consider getting a hard money loan.

These types of loans are considered non- qualifying loans because you as the investor are not the most important factor in obtaining a loan like this.

It’s is the property you are acquiring that is the most important factor. These loans can be quite expensive. They can range anywhere from a 10% to 15% interest rate and have an origination free of between 3% to 5%.

The biggest mistake in obtaining a hard money loan is not the loan itself it’s the lack of understanding your numbers. Just because the spread in your profit looks great doesn’t mean you’re going to make a nice profit.

In this video I explain the importance of bringing in a seasoned investor with experience as well as hiring trustworthy contractors and rehabbers that can hurt you in the end


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