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Hi! I am Joy Daniels, with Joy Daniels Real Estate. Because RealEstateCE offers online classes, I am able to continue my education at the beach! I think the salt air makes me able to absorb things better. I am learning about Search Engine Optimization otherwise known as (SEO). I know SEO can certainly cause some headaches! But with specialized SEO real estate techniques, you can make it a breeze. is here to help you master the art of the SEO.

Improving your SEO should always be on the top of your priority list. The better and more relevant your SEO the more people will see your blog, learn your name, to drive your SEO.

If you are constantly providing your readers with curated content you are simultaneously increasing your exposure. You are also increasing your SEO with your curated content. Learn how to master this technique with RealEstate CE continuing education.
Let us say, for example, a potential homebuyer wants to know about the lifestyle of a town that you service. She will go to Google and search for that information. Perhaps you have included, in the curated content on your blog, a video of life in that town. Well, when she makes her Google search, your blog will pop up because it contains the content she is looking for. Viola! You have increased your brand exposure.

When you use content curation, you increase your chances for exposure! can help master this method and set you up for success.
Having to search and sift through the internet to find content worthy of appearing on your blog is a full-time job! Instead, let’s SEO lesson point in another, more simplified, direction! In this lesson will provide you with a litany of different content curation websites and programs. You can rely on these to find for you quality information that your readers are looking for!

Including personal information on your blog will help your audience get to know you. A more personal blog will help your audience feel more at ease. Our real estate continuing education lesson will teach you how to do all this and master the SEO real estate marketing techniques.’s SEO lesson has taught me all about the different ways I can personalize my blog and at the same time be increasing my SEO real estate marketing techniques.

You too can use to help you use content curation and explain how you can use it to drive your SEO real estate marketing.

Thank you for watching today. Use the link below to get started today! Your brand will get more exposure and you can lose the headache and obtain success! Have a great day!

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