SEO in 2014 – Why It’s Not Dead

SEO in 2014 – Why It’s Not Dead

SEO in 2014 – Why It’s Not Dead

Find out how one person is ranking sites on the first page of Google over and over again. He’s strategies for ranking sites aren’t the traditional methods used a couple years ago or a couple months ago. Get the handout at

Times have changed and if you’re an online business owner you need to know what is important when it comes to what Google is looking for to rank sites in organic search. 

With just one tip offered by my guest you could potentially save a lot of time and headaches for getting your site back on the first page of google quickly. 

My guest is an online entrepreneur who has been very successful in the online space. Originally he made his money in the real estate space using online marketing strategies to drive leads. Now he uses different marketing tactics to take his more than 200 websites and ranks them quickly on the first page of google for several highly competitive key words. 

Join us for the hangout and learn how SEO works in 2014.

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