Real Estate SEO – The Formula to Boost Traffic and Sales!

Real Estate SEO – The Formula to Boost Traffic and Sales!

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 [This Course was updated on the 26 of November 2016]

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Gain instant access to over 6 hours of training videos that will teach you all the SEO secrets to generate traffic FOR FREE to your REAL ESTATE website with the best link building strategies available on the market in 2016.

SEO is a fundamental marketing strategy for all kind of businesses because you can generate a large amount of traffic FOR FREE to your website. But you should be careful! Google is constantly updating his algorithm and many techniques that worked before the Google’s Penguin updates will hurt your business if you use them now. This is why my course is packed with the best safe and up-to-date strategies and techniques that will dramatically boost your free traffic without hurting your business. Every week, I’ll post a video in this course about the updates of the SEO techniques so that your business won’t be hurt.



In this course you’ll learn many new skills including how to:

– Basic and advanced SEO knowledge that is up-to-date in 2016

– Show you how to multiply by 10x your Traffic and Conversions and get TOP Rankings!

– Dispel common SEO myths so that it won’t hurt your business

– Demonstrates Google’s updates and their impacts on a website’s rankings

– Explain how to build healthy links in order to boost your website’s ranking

– Help you to identify unhealthy links so you can avoid them!

– Show you how to monitor your website’s link profile in order to protect your website’s ranking from Google updates

– Give you appropriate measures for protecting your website from negative SEO attacks

– Share with you SEO tips and tricks providing a set of good practice examples

– With the help of different well-known SEO tools I am going to demonstrate the whole link building and keyword research process as well as the link profile analysis.


What my students are saying:

“Extremely thorough, up to date and easy to follow course. AAA++. Harald is a very talented and highly informed speaker on all things SEO and beyond. Super helpful when it comes to answering questions and looking after his students. The best SEO course on Udemy from several I have tried. Highly recommend to anyone at any level.” Arnold Tuchinsky

“Professional advice from an expert. My online business has never really been much of a success… Since implementing wholesale changes to my business structure and the way i advertise and marketing techniques my business has taken off. The SEO research was a dream comes true. This course is very helpful and will make your online life a pleasure. It is well set out and very well wrote with in depth knowledge on all topics. A gem of a course that reaps great positiv…

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