Real Estate SEO Expert || Commercial Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Real Estate SEO Expert || Commercial Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Real Estate SEO Expert || Commercial Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Welcome to Digital Assets Factory, In this video, Real Estate SEO Expert / Digital Marketing Consultant and former CRE practitioner and CCIM designee, Horacio Gallegos, breaks down several strategies for commercial real estate marketing in a live market case study. You can also reach us anytime at or 512-773-4650.

In this case study, we break down exactly how residential agents are taking your traffic, leads, and clients in your marketplace, simply because they have better marketing than you. We will also show you how you can use sustainable SEO and digital marketing strategies for your commercial real estate business. Whether you have a huge team and established business or running a one-man/one-woman shop, we cover how you can literally syphon hundreds of web visitors that are searching in Google for your service and expertise.

In addition, we will discuss real numbers, statistics, and trends in purchase decisions, human behavior, and online marketing that you can implement right away in your commercial real estate business. We will help you discover if real estate seo can help you explode your business.

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