Real Estate SEO (6 White Hat & Black Hat Strateiges)

Real-estate SEO is a very unique subset for many reasons. It’s local, yet Zillow STILL dominates the best real estate seo keywords. You always hear it at the office “there’s no point in a blog! Zillow’s got all the leads….” Many people are right real estate seo! Real-estate search is a difficult nut to crack. But when you conquer it, you have the potential to have a constant source of exposure and leads! Here are my tips to get your blog ranked without:

Outsourcing to an expensive firm
Begging high-ranking bloggers for links
Being forced to pay bloggers for “consulting” (aka demanding money for guest posting)
Buying an expensive platform that promises top rankings with no content
If you haven’t already, check out my how-to start a blog for cheap.

Before you worry about link building, build your social media.
Many people are still in the pre-penguin era when back links pretty much decided your rank. Those days are long gone and Google now places a HUGE emphasis on social media signals. Every time someone shares your blog, it gets rank and a blog posts that keeps someone on the page for minutes at a time will rank well (even if your blog has no back links!).

Make sure that your social media accounts have your blog domain somewhere on them and share each blog post on your own accounts!

Tumblr ironically can be a very powerful SEO tool since it contains Do-Follow links
Pinterest pins can go viral and my blog gets half of it’s traffic from Pinterest!
Instagram allows you to place links in the “about me”
Twitter can be a great place to tweet your post (even if no reads it!)
Youtube can drive tons of traffic and is where I get a ton of business. Check out my Youtube here.
Blogger is owned by Google and allows backlinks.
If Google see’s that your site has a ton powerful links, BUT NO social media; it will more then likely get penalized.

2. Real-estate directories

Real-estate “directories” are unique to real-estate. They are essentially a place to rent links and are disguised by the notion that perspective real-estate buyer/sellers will use the “directories” to find you (LOL yeah….). Many SEO’s claim that real-estate directories are spammy and will get your site de-indexed. I’ve seen many, many top ranking blogs that use real-estate directories. I’ve also used real-estate directories and my site still gets rank from them. There are both free and paid versions of these sites.

3. Forums

Posting a link in a forum is an art. Do it too spammy and the mods will delete it. I’ve posted links in MANY huge forums without the mod banning them (I’m not exactly some high profile blogger either…). Basically, if you can find a forum post relevant to your blog post, you can drop a link in without anyone saying anything.

For instance, you have a blog post titled “How-To Find a Good Agent”
Google: “how to find a good agent“
Find a forum relevant to your blog post and post it a relevant blog link
Pray the mods don’t delete it

3. Blogger & Tumblr

As I mentioned before, Tumblr & Blogger allow for people to post “do-follow” links (the links that have “juice”). What you can do is go out and create a bunch of accounts and post your links in those.

Cool image
Embed your blog link in the Tumblr image. Each time it gets a reshare, that’s a link. As you can imagine it’s a very powerful strategy if you have a Tumblr image get reshared 100’s of times!

4. PBN’s

PBN’s are the steroids of the SEO. They’re powerful, but controversial (and everybody in SEO secretly uses them!). PBN’s are short for Private Blog Network. They work like this:

Find powerful expired domains
Buy the domain and set up a WordPress
Link to your blog
Enjoy the improved rankings that the “old” website once had!
DO NOT rely on PBN’s for all of your rank. A PBN should be used in conjunction with a real link-building strategy and with a website that has real social sireal estate seo

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