Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Real Estate Marketing

Got Sales Traffic is a real estate marketing agency that specializes in building customs realtor and broker websites that will guarantee to flood real estate agents with buyers, sellers, and investors.

We are a team of developers, real estate brokers, digital marketers, bloggers, and social media exec that has over 20 years’ experience in helping small business owners dominate their competition.

Our nature is Soooo competitive that we have offices in two of the most competitive real estate markets in the world, NYC and Los Angeles. This allows us to keep a pulse on marketing trends which gives our clients a competitive edge in real estate marketing. Our websites are constantly upgraded before any of our competitors with the latest and greatest real estate innovations. Imagine having a real estate website that is like a Phantom Rolls Royce while other agents are using a 1978 Dodge. Our realtor websites are equipped to integrate with any social media platform and our CRM is used by the top GCI agents in the world.

If you are a “New Real Estate Agent” or “Experienced Realtor” and are not averaging 40-80 new contact per month. Then your business is on life support. Today’s agent understands how vital social media and ranking your realtor website on Google is to engage new customers. Our clients are NOT door knocking, cold calling or spending their weekends doing Open Houses.

As a full-service advertising agency can help real estate agents with their video rankings on YouTube, Facebooks ads, Google PPC, YouTube ads, email marketing, writing content for their blog, SMS (text) marketing, Video marketing, website design, and Pinterest ads. We also can rank your real estate listings videos to attract sellers.

We have real estate marketing service that can accommodate most budgets. You can start off with our Pay-Per-Lead service to get your phone ringing immediately so you can quickly close deals to upgrade to real estate SEO and other marketing strategies.

But for those of you that would like FREE ways to get clients……
1. Door Knocking
2. Cold Calling
3. Open Houses (This is how I got started in 2007)
4. Sphere of Influence (you can start by postings homes for sales on your profile)
5. Start a blog that talks about events (not just real estate) in your farm.
6. Join, Networking at Night or BNI
7. Knock on the doors of the TOP listing agents in your office and offer to hold an open house.
8. Post Craigslist Ads
9. Create a video and then upload it on YouTube of a new listing, open house, or event in your farm.
10. Create a Facebook business page, Instagram stories, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat (great for new listings), and a Tumblr blog.

I hope this helps get you in front of more clients. Please leave a comment if you need more information. Also, if you have other ways to get more buyers or sellers that I didn’t mention also leave a comment.

And “Like” and “Subscribe” as we will start to have realtor training on each service we provide and will always in some FREE strategies that you can implement in your business.

Real Estate Marketing

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