Real-Estate Agent Youtube Tips (Lighting, SEO, Etc)

Real-estate agent youtube tips! Being a real estate youtuber can be fun and a powerful form of marketing. Imagine having a TV show that you control, can get thousands of views, and dosen’t cost money, Youtube has been one of the most powerful forms of exposure for me and my business (Check out my Youtube here. Please subscribe!).

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First starting out on camera can be awkward, discouraging, and what prevents %90 of people from starting Youtube. When I first started uploading my videos were painfully awkward, time consuming, and frustrating. I remember feeling almost panicked as I hit the upload button.

Getting good at talking on camera is something that takes practice
Anyone can do it with enough time
%10 of people will hate no matter what
Speak a x2 the volume & x2 energy that you usually speak
Use intonation = subtle ups and down in pitch as you speak, but don’t overdo it.
Getting good at talking on camera just takes time.

2. Lighting & Audio

Good lighting is what separates a dull picture from a crystal clear, polished looking Youtube presence. Many people go out and buy expensive light setups, but my best videos were shot with a Neweer light:

This light costs around and can make your videos look awesome.

This mic is around 0 and attaches to the top of my camera

I sue Filmora. It costs and is built for Youtubers.

3. SEO

The whole goal of Youtube is to get views, exposure, and build a following.

Search for keywords that other people are searching for (Real-estate investing, local landmarks, and real estate tips)
Start with very un-competitive keywords and work your way up.
The more consistently you upload the better
Properly tag your videos and make sure the description is for the keyword you are targeting

4. Thumbnails

One of the most difficult parts of Youtubing is designing good thumbnails. Good thumbnails is what really gives a Youtube Channel overall a polished look.

Canva is great for those that don’t want to learn Photoshop
Photoshop is better, but it’s time consuming to learn and takes practice
Overall just make sure that the left of the thumbnail is BOLD text while the left is a face or some eye catching object.

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