Real Estate Agent Marketing: How To Work New Construction w/Danielle Seifert

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This episode’s guest is an expert in new construction and land sales who has a lot of wisdom to share about building a construction based business, relationship and team building. Danielle Seifert’s career is a great case study of the power of nurturing relationships and being a resource for clients.

Takeaways + Tactics

There are many ways to improve other than doubling your numbers and doubling your team

It’s easier to become an expert at new construction; because it’s new developments, you can become an expert on what’s inside the walls, what the timeline is and what upgrades are available.

You can’t get momentum with one home. You have to keep the wheels turning

Be real with the people you want to be in business with You don’t have to talk real estate every transaction, you don’t have to try and sell them on stuff, be real and when they need something they will ask you about it.
-Danielle Seifert

Des Moines agent Danielle Seifert is this episode’s guest. Her speciality is new construction and land sales, an area she went into after deciding to leverage herself after working solo with a closer. She represents two builders and also has built herself up to be able to represent both sides of the transaction. Her typical clients are both residential and commercial. Her process begins with pinpointing an area she likes, then she buys the bare ground and develops on it.

When it comes to making your services known, Danielle said one should stick with simple tactics and not overthink how to reach clients. She got her first developer by simply presenting herself and her services to a builder and from there she began doing open houses for new properties.

Danielle then pointed out that she favors new construction because it enables her to be an expert on each development she sells which is hard to do with resales. “With new construction I can become an expert on what’s inside the walls, what the timeline is and what upgrades are available. I like to look good and I like to know stuff.”

Matt, Greg and Danielle go onto discuss how she prospects for developers, having knowledge on two sides of the fence and who she looks to as resources. She also mentioned how she believes in creating a culture of information sharing in the office, which she benefitted from early in her career. Now she manages her team in the same way and she encourages her agents to develop their own brands. “I always had the desire to mentor. I want to take on agents and build them to be as good or better than me.” Her team consists of 10 agents, and helping them out is an admin who handles the contract to close processes. She said it took 8 months to build her team and she did that through building relationships. Winding down the chat Matt, Greg and Danielle discuss relationship building, dual agencies and social media.

Working on new construction requires a good relationship with builders and developers, and it’s important to be a resource to these people and provide them a pathway to buyers. The key things to be learned from Danielle’s own career is that you don’t have to sell yourself all the time for people to know what you do, you have focus on relationships and being real with the people you want to get into business with.

Guest Bio

Danielle is a Des Moines based agent with over a decade of experience. She is a buyer’s agent, listing agent, relocation and home building expert. Real estate is a lifestyle for her and it’s her top priority to have open communication and availability to her clients. To get in touch with Danielle go to

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