Optimal IDX Settings for Great SEO

Optimal IDX Settings for Great SEO

Optimal IDX Settings for Great SEO

In this video we go over optimal IDX settings for great SEO.

What can you do to ensure the IDX pages are optimized for search engines? Technical Support members, Tony and Allen, go over the various settings in the IDX Broker control panel that will ensure the best SEO results.

Intro: 0:05
Custom Subdomain: 0:27
Dynamic Details Pages: 5:56
Sitemaps: 18:48
Responsive Design: 30:31
Closing: 36:31

Learn more about:
IDX Broker Platinum – http://bit.ly/IDXBroker_Platinum
IDX Broker Lite – http://bit.ly/IDXBroker_Lite
IDX Broker WordPress Plugin – http://bit.ly/IDX_WordPress

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