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Local SEO for real estate is easy. If you know how to target your audience, real estate SEO is a breeze — https://getmxt.com/LocalSEO

Local real estate searches are goldmine for SEO value.

That’s because all real estate searches are local searches. Which means that all real estate SEO is local SEO.

In fact, most real estate agents should only worry about local SEO. Forget about optimizing for “Boston real estate.” Zoom in a few levels and think local.

In this guide, I’ll tell you how to dominate your market for local SEO real estate searches.

For real estate searches, the name of the game is local content.

Every agent has a “Neighborhoods” section on their website. You probably have one too. It’s not good enough.

Local SEO searches for real estate are a combination of multiple query classes.

— Informational: tell me about Boston
— Transactional: I want to live in Boston

It’s the overlap of these two categories that matters most to SEO:

“Tell me about life in Boston.”

Add some question and answer queries, and this overlap provides serious opportunity for real estate SEO.



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