In The Lead #4: Lacking A Niche? How Real Estate Agents Can Use Their Career & Hobbies To Close More

In The Lead #4: Lacking A Niche? How Real Estate Agents Can Use Their Career & Hobbies To Close More

In The Lead #4: Lacking A Niche? How Real Estate Agents Can Use Their Career & Hobbies To Close More

Are you an agent wondering what ‘niche’ marketing means?

Today’s question by Jeff L from TN is:

“Hey, I’m wondering if there is a way to market to public safety folks. I have 20 years of law enforcement experience and am not sure how to use that to my advantage.”

Thanks for the question Jeff!

If you’re an agent struggling to get going, find something you love. And put yourself into it! That’s the whole idea behind niche marketing, finding something you’re passionate and knowledgeable about. The things you’re most passionate about can create niche marketing opportunities to exploit and give you an edge over your competitors.

For example, If you love dogs, go to every dog meetup you can find on And partner with every shelter! You can sometimes get lists of contacts from these type of partnerships and can always increase your brand awareness. You’ll find people with similar interests and be a much more memorable agent should the time come where anyone you met at this meetup needs the service you provide.

So once you’ve established a niche and you’ve started creating some brand awareness within that niche market whats next? Well there’s 4 things we would like to suggest.

1. SEO

Are you the relocation expert for a particular company? Awesome! Let’s get you showing up on Page 1 of Google for the 5-10 keywords or phrases that relocating employees might type in. This takes SEO work. Here’s a quick infographic that’ll help you create an SEO landing page for lead capture.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest is an excellent place to find boards of content relative to the niche market you’ve chosen to target. Find these boards and develop content that you can contribute to them, you’ll begin developing a presence in front of your targeted audience and generate some good traffic to that landing page we talked about earlier.

3. Blogging

Google loves blog content. If you’re looking to rank on Google, start writing blogs that help people in your niche out. Blogging (and videos on blogs) are some of the best ways to exploit any niche.

4. LinkedIn Lead Generation

Finally, LinkedIn is perhaps one of the most under-utilized networks online. You can connect and search for people directly in any niche that is career related. I suggest starting out by optimizing your LinkedIn Profile, and then executing daily on these lead generation tactics.

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