How to Submit your website on DMOZ directory 2016

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Inside of this video, I’ll be teaching how to submit your website inside of Dmoz and after searching myself. Not anyone was teaching this in 2016 and Dmoz is a web directory that Google still loves in 2016.

Since it’s so hard to get inside of Dmoz and is one of the reasons to Submit Url Dmoz for the pure advantage to your SEO. Since there are a lot videos about this but no one is explaining how to submit right now.

Everything changes in time and SEO is no different than a Dmoz updating their website. So, this is the exact reason for creating this video for helping people that noticed all the changed like I did inside of Dmoz.

Now getting your website approved is just a whole another issue getting your website to be submitted inside of high authority web directory. Just getting your website inside of this directory would be a huge boost for your domain authority and Trust flow.

Anyhow check out the rest of the video about how to get your website approved in Dmoz.

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