How to Create a Website that Drives Traffic using Investor Carrot – how to create a website that drives traffic using Investor Carrot. About seven years ago I had taught myself how to construct websites using the WordPress platform. I had also taught myself SEO around the same time. Even though I knew how to get my sites to page 1 of Google, my conversion rates for the amount of traffic I was getting wasn’t all that great.

Back in 2015 I began looking into other companies that had website templates that were more effective than. What I had created. In late 2015 I came across a company called investor carrot.

These sites are content and SEO ready to you to use. The objective is to create consistent content to put on your site to attract seller and buyer leads.

They work especially well for beginning investors who want to become very good at attracting seller and buyer leads.

They Have

Motivated Seller sites
Buyer Sites
Lease option sites
Land investing sites
Note buying sites

They have a 30 day free trial. Test it against your traditional website.

You Can check out their sites at Tools for Beginning Real Estate Investors

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