Hands on — Not Hands Off if you want SEO

Hands on – Not Hands Off if you want SEO

There are two ways of approaching Internet Marketing — “Hands on” or “Hands Off.” These two methods have been around since the dawn of the internet, and they reflect the behavior and vision of the participants.

Hands On – Not Hands Off; if you want to grow your Real Estate SEO

Hands Off looks something like this; you have an existing business and you know how to run it and all is well in your world; then you notice that someone is nipping at your heels taking customers from you; you conclude that they are using the internet to funnel ‘your’ clients away from you; you become desperate — you hire a Web Designer who puts something for you called a ‘website.’

The Web Designer / Developer (PS: They like to be called Developers — it sounds more important;) has no insights on how the Real Estate Business works, but you don’t care — you know everything about Real Estate, and will tell him what to build… This is the first Red Flag — I argue that as a Broker, or Agent, you don’t know what to ask for!; and you be will reduced to saying: “I’ll have what she’s having!” — (meaning: look at the mean competitor, the one stealing all my clients, and give me the same thing he has…) which is a syndrome since the ‘Developer’ will interpret what you mean and try to do the best for you; while being totally in the dark — They will be forced to please you visually; not strategically.

These Developers will end up building you a Hands Off Website; what I call “A Glorified Business Card!”

It will look Shiny and Nice — but have no effective visibility!

This type of building of Websites happens day in and day out — and the flaw is not the team you hired; the flaw is your Thinking and Vision.

Real Websites that are driven to help you grow you business are Hands On! This means that you will have to add content to them in multiple forms; Landing Pages, Blogs, Videos, Agent Pages, Enhanced Listings, Neighborhood focus Tools, etc…

A Good Hands On Website will allow you:

1. To Blog about your Business, your Niche Market, and your Real Estate Expertise. (Easily and without aggravation.)

2. Allows you to enhance your Listings by adding more description, more pictures, and Videos.

3. Allows you to focus on your Specialty with Landing Pages — also known as 1-Click Results.

4. To integrate RSS Feeds in a friendly way, so you can attach your Social Media and YouTube accounts.

5. And is Widget Friendly; so you can integrate your Featured Listings, your Sold Listings, as well as your Tours easily.

Of course it has to have a fully scalable and integrated IDX Feed, with back end management of leads, and time-stamping of client activity — that, of course, is assumed.

Hands On Websites mean that the responsibility of Marketing is laid squarely on the shoulders of Real Estate Brokers and Agents, any less and what you have is a myriad of pretty websites that have no chance of ever getting anywhere.

Share your thoughts and questions;

Happy Blogging 🙂 — Key Yessaad, SEO Real Estate Strategist


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