3-Up Technique: Get More Real Estate Leads From Every Single Blog Post

3-Up Technique: Get More Real Estate Leads From Every Single Blog Post

3-Up Technique: Get More Real Estate Leads From Every Single Blog Post

See the step-by-step method here: http://www.easyagentpro.com/blog/real-estate-blog-ideas-and-topics-to-dominate-local-search

We talk about blogging all the time and theres a good reason. Blogging content is extremely useful for SEO and building trust with clients by providing a wealth of free content for them to utilize. All of which significantly improves your ability to convert leads to clients. Generating leads is great and very important, thats what our sites a designed to do. Blogging is something completely optional, we do provide 2 basic blog posts a week however creating some more unique content is only going to help you.

Let’s talk about the 3-up technique

The 3-Up Technique shows you that you can start blogging by basing your content around already popular posts. This way you won’t waste time writing a post people don’t want to read. Below are the 7 categories that real estate blogs typically fall into. These are some of the most useful topics to cover for your potential clients. In the full blog post we will cover some specific topics that fall into these seven categories and get you writing unique content ASAP.

1) Blog Posts For Sellers
2) Blog Posts For Buyers
3) Community Reviews
4) Market Reports
5) Real Estate Blog Ideas About Pricing
6) Blog Posts About Mortgage And Financing
7) Hyper-Local Neighborhood Tours

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